Custom Payroll Reports

At Alderley Payroll we provide outsourced payroll services throughout the UK to businesses directly, and also subcontracted through accountants and bookkeepers. Custom payroll reports are one of the many benefits we can offer at Alderley Payroll Services.

We frequently receive requests for a wide range of information outside the usual reports produced each pay period. Not only do we have great flexibility with the software we use, but there are also no fees for these custom reports. Whether you require a top-level report, or a breakdown between pay periods and employees we can do this.

The information can be provided in a wide range of file types, including PDF, excel or CSV, and all password protected to ensure we are complaint with GDPR guidelines.

When we work directly with a client, as opposed to working through an accountant or bookkeeper, authority can be provided to allow the clients accountant to contact us directly for reports. This is especially helpful when an accountant requires payroll information for the clients accounting year. Instead of the client or accountant pulling together summary reports each pay period, we can be provide one report with all the information included.

If you would like further information regarding our outsourced payroll services, workplace pensions, or anything else relating to PAYE please get in contact!