Payroll Services

We offer a tailored outsourcing payroll service to all the UK including workplace pension set up and administration. Whether you are a single director company or have a thousand people on the payroll we can ensure a payroll service that meets your requirements.

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What’s included in our payroll services:

  • Your payroll processed accurately and on time every time.
  • Workplace pension assessment and administration.
  • Calculations for all pay and deductions including income tax, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, statutory adoption pay, student loan repayments etc.
  • New starter and leaver processing.
  • Transmit data to Alderley Payroll Services in a variety of ways to suit you.
  • Filing CIS suffered.
  • Gross to net or net to gross calculations.
  • Payroll reports sent electronically.
  • RTI filed online to HMRC.
  • Year end P60 production.
  • Payroll advice.
  • Simple processes to make life easy for clients.
  • Include your company logo on payslips.
  • completely confidential.
  • BACS file preparation.
  • Alderley Payroll Services can become your HMRC agent which allows us to speak to HMRC on your behalf and receive tax code and student loan notices directly.

Extra services we provide:

  • Filing CIS deducted.
  • Verifying subcontractors for CIS purposes.
  • Pay employees on your behalf.
  • Pay HMRC PAYE taxes on your behalf.
  • Cloud service which includes your own company dashboard and login.
  • Eslips
  • Workplace pension set up; pension letters & declaration of compliance filed with The Pensions Regulator.

Why use Alderley Payroll Services?

Since opening our doors in 2006 we have built a wonderful client base with many of our original clients still working with us today!

We pride ourselves on being prepared for the changes frequently seen within payroll, whether this be the introduction of RTI, the roll out of workplace pensions (auto enrolment) or more recently the furlough scheme. We are there every step of the way to support our clients with the ever-changing world of payroll.

We are experienced in providing an outsourced payroll service to a wide range of business sectors. This enables us, at Alderley Payroll Services, to deliver a tailored payroll service, understanding the different requirements depending on the sector a client operates in. Most importantly, we are accurate! At the end of the day a payroll service, if nothing else, needs to be accurate! On top of delivering what we like to think is a great service, we provide a fast, efficient, and accurate payroll service.

What is the cost of an outsourced payroll service?

At Alderley Payroll Services we offer huge flexibility with the payroll services we provide. If you need a fully managed payroll service, which includes payroll processing, filing RTI’s, cloud access to payslips for employees, paying employees, workplace pension administration and paying HMRC the taxes due, we can do this! Alternatively, if you just require your payroll processed and the RTI filed each pay period, and nothing else, we are here to provide you that service! Due to this level of flexibility, we will provide you with a free quote. You can either contact us via the online form, call on 01625 912099, or use the live chat icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to speak to one of us at Alderley Payroll Services.

In business we believe in “win-win”, you need to receive an efficient, high quality, accurate payroll service and we need to be able to operate a viable business. Because of this we ensure our prices are very competitive and fair. We still work with the majority of our clients which joined us when we started back in 2006, and we like to think this is not only due to the service provided, but also our fair and transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees, no set up costs, no fees for leaving, and no tie in periods!

Payroll services for new employers

For new employers it can be a daunting prospect navigating PAYE and workplace pensions. We have helped hundreds of employers over the years with our payroll and pension services. Not only can we take away the burden of the payroll and auto enrolment processes, but we are also here to answer any questions and share the knowledge we have to help further the employers understanding of PAYE.

At Alderley Payroll Services, we understand the importance of compliance. Whether this be filing deadline dates for RTI, the date an EPS must be sent and in which circumstances, through to the deadline to file a declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator. These are all important areas to ensure the payroll is run smoothly and to ensure you don’t receive any unexpected fines. You can also be ensured we are GDPR compliant and take data security with the upmost importance.

As in many walks of life, the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” is very relevant in business, and we are here to cover those areas you just don’t know, allowing you to focus on the areas you do know!

Small Business Payroll Services

We have been providing payroll services for small businesses since the day we opened our doors. Running a business can be a highly stressful, time pressured job! We work with hundreds of small businesses to remove the stresses of payroll with our small business payroll solutions.

With our tailored approach to payroll services, we will create a workflow that matches your needs. This will leave you time to focus on other areas of your business.

With no tie in period and only paying for the payslips produced each pay period, you can ensure costs stay down, whilst we provide you with a smooth payroll service. And if you grow in size, we can grow with you! The more employees you take on the price per payslips goes down. We are with you every step of the way!

Without doubt one of the biggest challenges for small business is navigating workplace pensions. We offer a wide range of auto enrolment and workplace pension services. Just as with our flexible small business payroll solutions, this is the same with workplace pensions. We can take on as much or as little duties as you require, ensuring we provide you with an affordable solution.

Payroll Workflow

Outsourcing payroll not only saves you money, but also saves you time. The payroll process at Alderley Payroll Services is geared towards ensuring we take all the heavy lifting off your hands! Below we guide you through the steps taken to process your payroll and highlights the little input required at your end.

  • Client provides payroll data. If the payroll is standard this will not be required.
  • We process the payroll using the data provided.
  • We produce payslips, summary report, P32 and any other relevant reports.
  • We double check the payroll to ensure it is correct.
  • We file the payroll with HMRC via an RTI.
  • If relevant we also file an EPS with HMRC.
  • The payroll is sent back to the client for checking.
  • The client pays staff as per reports produced, or we pay employees on the employer’s behalf using Modulr.
  • We load up the pension contributions to the relevant pension provider.

As well as the steps detailed above, we will also update tax codes and student loan notices.

If any of the employees have an attachment order we set this up within the payroll, make the relevant deductions and produce an orders report each pay period which outlines the amounts deducted.

Please check your junk folder if you have not received a response from us within 24hrs.