Payroll Services – for an all inclusive fee of just £3.90 + VAT per payslip

For companies with 11 employees and over fees are reduced. Please download our easy pricing guide for an instant quote.
Your payroll processed accurately and on time every time
Pension assessment and administration
Transmit data to Alderley Payroll Services in a variety of ways to suit you – email, telephone, post
Calculations for all pay and deductions including income tax, national insurance, statutory sick paystatutory maternity paystatutory adoption pay, students loan repayments etc
Gross to net or net to gross calculations
Payroll report for every pay run for every employee showing all pay details
Payslips and reports sent electronically, uploaded to the cloud or sent by post
RTI filed online to HMRC
Year end P60 production*
Payroll advice
Simple processes to make life easy for clients
New starter and leaver processing
Completely confidential
BACS file preparation (payment at additional fee. Price by request.)
* A fee of £30.00 + VAT applies if the total number of payslips processed in the whole tax year is fewer than 25.