What is re-enrolment?!

If you are reading this post, you are probably one of the many employers who have been receiving letters from The Pensions Regulator regarding re-enrolment. We certainly have received many emails from our clients asking, “what is re-enrolment?!”

Re-enrolment is part of an employer’s workplace pension duties which must be completed once every three years on or around the 3rd anniversary of the companies staging date.

Once you have selected your re-enrolment date within the 6-month time-frame (three months either side of your third anniversary staging date) you have two duties to complete. Firstly, during the usual assessment of employees during the payroll process any employees who have opted out previously, but are eligible on the chosen re-enrolment date, will have to be re-enrolled into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. If the employee has opted out within the last year, they are exempt from having to be re-enrolled. It’s worth noting once the employee has bene re-enrolled, they are allowed to out opt again as they had done previously.

If an employee is due to leave employment before the re-enrolment process has bene completed the employer can choose whether to re-enrol the employee or not.

If you are unsure of your re-enrolment dates The Pensions Regulator has a handy tool. Clicking here will take you to the tool.

The second part of your re-enrolment duties is to complete a re-declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator. All employers, whether they have had to re-enrol employees, have to do this within 5 months of the third anniversary of their staging date. Failing to file the re-declaration of compliance before the deadline can result in fines from The Pensions Regulator so it’s worth making sure you are compliant.

To file your re-declaration of compliance please click here!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions about re-enrolment, or anything to do with workplace pensions and payroll.